The Institute for Tourism is the only scientific public institute in Croatia specializing in research and consultancy services in tourism. Its expertise is based on scientific work, permanent research activities and the continuous education of its multidisciplinary team. The institute’s activities are governed by an integrated approach to tourism development and management, which takes into account the development aspects of a company or a tourist destination, as well as the national tourism policies. The Institute for Tourism works together with tourism industry players with whom it shares a common goal – to achieve a higher level of competitiveness for Croatian tourism.

Basic tasks:

The Institute for Tourism fosters ongoing efforts to improve specialist knowledge pertaining to the different areas that impact the development and management of tourism: economics, marketing, management, transportation, environmental protection and application of modern information and communication technologies.

The Institute’s basic tasks are:
Organization of the Institute

The Managing Director represents the institute individually and independently. The Managing Director is responsible for the day-to-day running of the institute in compliance with the spirit and letter of the law, the Statute and other general acts of the institute, and is also responsible for the legality of the institute’s operations.

The Managing Director of the Institute for Tourism is appointed for a term of four years pursuant to a public competition which is launched by the Management Board of the institute. The Managing Director of the institute is Damir Krešić, Ph D.

Managing Director:
Damir Krešić, Ph D.

Assistant Director:
Renata Tomljenović, Ph D.

Scientific Council

The Scientific Council considers and decides on professional and scientific issues; it conducts procedures leading to the selection of candidates for scientific and research titles and positions and looks after the development of scientific novices.

Members of the Scientific Council are all scientists permanently employed at the institute who have been elected into the scientific profession.

Members of the Scientific Council are all scientists affiliated with the Institute for Tourism who have been elected into the scientific profession, associates in the positions of assistants or senior assistants as well as a representative of the scientific novices who do not hold the scientific title of master of sciences.

President of the Scientific Council:
Goran Kos, Ph D.

Management Board:

The institute’s Management Board performs duties within the scope of its activities provided for by the Law, Statute and other general acts of the institute. The Management Board has three members who are appointed by the Minister. The term of office of the Management Board members is two years from the day of appointment.

Management Board Members:

Petra Anđelović, Central State Office for Sport, Republic of Croatia
Savska Cesta 28/I, 10000 Zagreb,
e-mail: petra.andelovic[AT]sdus.hr
Tel. +385 1 6169111

Ivana Bošnjak, prof., Ministry of Science and Education, Republic of Croatia
Krešimir Rašan, Zagreb Tourist Board
Neven Ivandić, Ph D., Institute for Tourism
Višnja Mezak, bacc. oec., Institute for Tourism

Ethics Committee:
Davor Krasić, Ph. D., president
Jasenka Kranjčević, Ph. D., member
Ivan Kožić, Ph D., member
Ivan Sever, univ. spec. oec., member

Business Secretary / Head of Common Affairs:
Višnja Mezak, bacc. oec.

Head of Accounting:
Branka Božić

Head of Library:
Ksenija Tokić

Secretary of Managing Director:
Božica Tošić


Vrhovec 5
Tel.: +385 (01) 39 09 666
Fax: +385 (01) 39 09 667