TOURISM - An International Interdisciplinary Journal

Volume 66 / 2018 / Number 4 ISSN 1332-7461 

Adekunle Anthony Ogunjinmi, Iyanuoluwa Yetunde Binuyo

Relationship between destination service quality and tourists' satisfaction in Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort, Nigeria

Service quality is one of the important elements to the achievement of customers' satisfaction. This paper examines the relationship between tourists' perceived destination service quality and tourists' satisfaction in Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort, Ikogosi-Ekiti, Nigeria. The study was a self-administered questionnaire survey involving 383 randomly selected tourists at the Resort between January and July, 2016. Data were analysed through descriptive statistics, T-test, Pearson's correlations, and Chi-square. The total mean score for the perceived service quality (Mean = 4.00) was higher than the total mean score for tourists' satisfaction (3.23). Among service quality dimensions, responsiveness had the highest mean (Mean = 4.05) while for dimensions of customers' satisfaction, premises had the highest mean (Mean = 3.35). The findings of the study indicate that perceived service quality factors are highly significant for the tourists' satisfaction towards the destination. Findings also reveal that there are high correlations between service quality and satisfaction and their dimensions. The study concludes that satisfaction with tourism experiences that the tourists have towards the destination is modified by their perceptions of service quality during their visit. It is fundamental to improve the overall quality of the tourists' experiences, especially focusing on those attributes that report lower levels of satisfaction such as guestroom, personnel attitude and competence and restaurant and bar, and service quality attributes such as assurance, tangibles, and empathy.