TOURISM: An International Interdisciplinary Journal

Volume 67 / 2019 / Number 3 ISSN 1332-7461 

Georgia Nikoli, Αthina Lazakidou

Α review of thermal tourism in Europe and Greece

Nowadays, all over the world tourists prefer alternative and sustainable forms of tourism, such as thermal tourism, as they seek to receive higher quality of service. Many competing countries have paid a great deal of attention to thermal tourism due to its significant economic benefits. The therapeutic properties and the potential of thermal springs can bring many economic and social benefits at local and national level, such as job growth, longer tourist seasons and increased income, even in areas that are untapped. This form of tourism is considered to be profitable and competitive, outpacing other forms of tourism globally. The aim of this research note is to present an overview of thermal tourism in Europe and in Greece and underline its importance to tourism economy.