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Sanda Čorak
Institute for Tourism, Zagreb, Croatia

Sanda Corak

Sanda Čorak, Ph.D., is a scientific advisor and had been the managing director of the Institute from 2001 to 2017. She has more than twenty years of experience in tourism market research and segmentation of tourism demand. In recent years her topics of interest include destination marketing, tourism governance, sports tourism, and gender equality. Within the Institute for Tourism, she deals with the methodological issues of a longitudinal national visitor survey. In addition, she was the editor-in-chief of the scientific international interdisciplinary journal TOURISM until 2019. Ms. Čorak also established the scientific edition of the Institute. During her long carrier at the Institute for Tourism, she was a project leader of scientific and many consultant projects for tourism destinations in Croatia and neighbouring countries. As a director, she has established cooperation between the Institute and UNWTO and is continuously encouraging international collaboration and networks. She is also a senior lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences (VERN Zagreb).  She is the author and co-author of many academic papers published in international tourism journals, as well as the author of a few book chapters.


Sanda Čorak, ključni govornik WinT konferencije


Stroma Cole
University of Westminster, London, UK

Stroma Cole

Stroma Cole, Ph.D., is a Reader in international tourism development at the University of Westminster. Stroma combines her academic career with action research, consultancy, and charity work.  She is a director of Equality in Tourism, an international charity seeking to increase gender equality in tourism. With research interests in gender, responsible tourism development, Human Rights, and the links between tourism and the SDGs, she is an activist researcher critiquing the consequences of tourism development. She holds a British Academy Knowledge Frontier grant and manages an interdisciplinary, international team. She has over 30 publications including her book Gender Equality and Tourism: Beyond Empowerment (2018) her edited volume with Morgan, on Tourism and Inequality in 2010, and her monograph Tourism, Culture and Development: Hopes, Dreams and Realities in Eastern Indonesia published in 2007. Stroma is an Associate Editor for Annals of Tourism Research and on the editorial board at the Journal of Sustainable Tourism and Tourism Geographies.


Stroma Cole, Ph.D., keynote speaker introduction.


Marina Novelli
University of Brighton, UK

Marina Novelli

Professor Marina Novelli, PhD., is a globally renowned Sustainable Tourism expert and Professor of Tourism and International Development at the University of Brighton (UK). She is known for her contributions to the concept of Niche Tourism, Tourism and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa and critical elaboration of the Overtourism phenomenon. She is an Alternate Member of the UNWTO World Committee on Tourism Ethics (2021-2025) and has written and advised in the field of international tourism policy, planning and development in Africa, Europe and Asia for institutions such as the World Bank, the EU, the UN, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, National Ministries and Tourism Boards, Regional Development Agencies, private sector and NGOs. She distinguishes herself for her inclusive leadership practice and excellence in collaborating with multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholders and multi-cultural teams making her a preferred research partner and a particularly active member of the global tourism community. She is committed to generating new knowledge on ways in which tourism can play a key role in sustainable development by stimulating local economies, conserving the environment, developing people and changing lives.


Prof. Marina Novelli, Ph.D., keynote speaker introduction.


Marco Valeri
Niccolò Cusano University, Rome, Italy

 Marco Valeri

Marco Valeri is a Senior Lecturer in Organizational Behavior, Faculty of Economics, Niccolò Cusano University (Italy). He is Visiting Professor at Taylor’s University (Malaysia). His research areas include strategy implementation, knowledge management, family business, crisis management, information technology, network analysis. He was a visiting professor in several international Universities and international guest speakers in several international conferences. He is member of several editorial board of international tourism journals, reviewer and editor of several handbooks on entrepreneurship, tourism and hospitality management (Emerald Publishing and Springer). He is Associate Editor of Tourism: An International Interdisciplinary Journal, Series Book Editor on New Perspectives in Tourism and Hospitality Management (Emerald Publishing), Research Notes Editor of Journal of Tourism, Heritage & Services Marketing and Social Media Editor of Journal of Family Business Management (ISSN: 2043-6238 - Emerald). In 2023 He received a prestigious role as Emerald Brand Ambassador.


Marco Valeri, Ph.D., keynote speaker introduction.


Irena Ateljević
University College Aspira, Split, Croatia

 Irena Ateljevic

Of Croatian origin, Irena Ateljevic obtained her Ph.D. in Human Geography in 1998 at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. She began her academic career as a (post)modern critical theorist who pessimistically observed structural socio-spatial inequalities produced by the overarching capitalist and patriarchal framework. Yet during her progressive frustration of ‘merely-marking-and-not-making-a-difference’, she has moved to the transmodern and transdisciplinary space of commitment to hopeful scholarship and caring action that awakens the power of individual agency. She has been translating these theoretical ideas into the areas of critical tourism studies, women empowerment, and transformative travel.  In 2005, she moved to the Netherlands to teach at Wageningen University, a highly esteemed university for sustainability and nature conservation issues. She was a co-founder of the Critical Tourism Studies network dedicated to promoting the academy of hope concept. In 2011, she has returned to Croatia where she has been working as a scientific associate at the Institute for Tourism and a professor at various scientific and academic institutions in the country, while also acting as an activist and social entrepreneur.  Her latest activist project designed to promote the vision of regenerative tourism is Terra Meera - a Center for Regeneration and Human Potential (, while academically she is affiliated with the Aspira University College in Split.


Irena Ateljević, ključni govornik konferencije WinT



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