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Prolongation ot tourist season for the city of Porec-Parenzo

Research area : Sustainable tourism development

Performer :

Implementation period : 2017.

Client : City of Poreč


Researchers: Ivan Kožić, Ivo Kunst

The project represents a study of tourism seasonality in the city of Porec-Parenzo. The current level of tourism seasonality is measured regarding different market segments and different types of commercial accommodation. In addition, the predispositions for seasonality reduction are analyzed as well as foreign examples of strategic and tactical actions in order to reduce tourism seasonality. Finally, an action plan for seasonality reduction is presented and elaborated. The analysis revealed that the degree of tourism seasonality in the city of Porec does not significantly deviate from the average of the County of Istria and the state of Croatia. It has not changed significantly in the past five years. All types of accommodation objects have a relatively low net utilization of accommodation capacity in the period outside the main season. The analysis also revealed that Porec has necessary predispositions for the extension of main season and increase of tourist arrivals in pre- and posts season. There certainly are tourism products whose better exploitation can contribute to seasonality reduction. The programs proposed in the action plan for reduction of tourism seasonality are grouped in three main areas: (1) Increasing international competitiveness of existing tourism products as well as further enrichment of the integral destination product; (2) Setting up a stimulating socio-entrepreneurial climate by harmonizing the attitudes and priorities of all stakeholders; (3) Improvement of market communication. It was concluded that the success of the proposed programs depends mostly on proactivity of all stakeholders. The most significant role is the role of the city administration which was the main initiator of this project.