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Survey on Attitudes and Expenditures of Tourists in Croatia - TOMAS Croatia 2019

Research area : Tourism market research

Project manager : Zrinka Marušić mag. math., univ.spec.oec.

Performer :

Implementation period : 2020

Client : Ministry of Tourism and Sport


Researchers: Sanda Čorak, Neven Ivandić, Ivo Beroš, Martina Ambrušec

Survey on attitudes and expenditures of tourists in Croatia (TOMAS Croatia Survey 2019) is a first visitor survey conducted in both the Adriatic and the continental part of Croatia, from May 2019 to March 2020. The survey is based on the methodological framework of TOMAS Summer survey, the only longitudinal (continuous) survey on tourists' trip characteristics and consumption pattern in Croatia that had been conducted from 1987 to 2017 in the Adriatic Croatia, during the summer months only.

TOMAS Croatia Survey is a quantitative survey conducted on a sample of 13,582 respondents in hotels, hostels, camp sites and family accommodation (rooms, apartments, houses) in 143 destinations along the country. Personal interview with tourists (CAPI) was used as a data collection method, with a structured questionnaire used as a research instrument. Interviewed were domestic tourists and foreign tourists from 24 main generating markets. Survey results are representative for Croatian tourism demand according to region, type of accommodation, season, and country of origin. Survey results are weighted by data on tourists' overnights (eVisitor data base). The book with the results of the research is available at the following link: The book describes the methods and the main findings of the research. All the results are presented in tables in the Appendix, in Croatian and English. The results are presented by country of tourist’s origin, regions, type of accommodation, season and the main travel motive.