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TOMAS Health Tourism 2018. – Survey on attitudes and consumption of users of health tourism services in Croatia

Research area : Tourism market research

Project manager : Zrinka Marušić mag. math., univ.spec.oec.

Performer :

Implementation period : 2019.

Client : HTZ, HGK, TZ Istarske županije, TZ Primorsko-goranske županije, TZ Splitsko-dalmatinske županije, TZ Grada Zagreba


Researchers: Ivan Sever, Neda Telišman-Košuta

TOMAS Health Tourism 2018. – Survey on attitudes and consumption of users of health tourism services in Croatia is one of the surveys form TOMAS 'family' of longitudinal quantitative surveys on tourism demand in Croatia. In 2018 it was conducted for the first time. The survey covers all three segments of health tourism: wellness, spa and medical. Data were collected through a personal interview (CAPI), from July to December 2018, on a sample of 2,540 respondents (1,331 users of wellness services, 793 spa users, 416 medical service users), in 43 facilities / health tourism centers in Croatia.
The research results point to the profile and attitudes of foreign and domestic tourists and visitors who use health-tourism services on their travels, their attitudes regarding the offer of these services, but also regarding the overall destination tourist offer, and their consumption. The results are shown separately for the wellness, spa and medical segment. Profile of wellness guests is additionally presented by major markets, the profile of spa users is presented separately for domestic and foreign guests, and the profile of the medical services users is presented according to the type of service, separately for dental and all other medical services.
TOMAS Health Tourism 2018 survey provides inputs for future health tourism planning documents (strategy, marketing plans), it provides the necessary basis for estimation of the economic impacts of health tourism within the framework of Tourism Satellite Account, while the survey results are also the basis for benchmarking and comparative analysis of tourism demand in health tourism. Furthermore, the survey results are also a basis for the improvement of health tourism product development and its promotion. TOMAS Health Tourism 2018 survey is therefore one of the important basis for health tourism management from destination to national level.