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Revision of the market/financial feasibility as well as the strategic justification of the ACI AIR project

Research area : Ekonomski učinci turizma

Project manager : Ph.D. Ivo Kunst

Performer :

Implementation period : 2022

Client : Adriatic Croatia International Club d.d.


Researchers: Neven Ivandić

The project of investing in several small hidroplanes in order to provide better connection between the coast and the islands corresponds very well with contemporary market trends, especially in the context of accelerated individualization, segmentation and price differentiation of international tourist demand.
Therefore, the considered project will be able to successfully position itself on the tourist market, especially on the increasingly interesting market of special interests. Meeting the needs of different, mutually diversified consumer groups should ultimately result in very good operational and financial performance of the entire project. 
The robustness of the predictable business performance of the considered project was additionally tested through sensitivity analysis.  The analysis carried out  showed a very satisfactory resilience of the project to the tested risk factors. "