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Study of sustainable tourism development and tourism carrying capacity of the Town of Novalja with Action plan

Research area : Sustainable tourism development

Project manager : Mr. sc. Neda Telišman-Košuta

Performer :

Implementation period : 2020

Client : Lika-Senj County


Researchers: Neven Ivandić, Zrinka Marušić

The study analyses key factors determining tourism growth in the Town of Novalja over past several years, considers changes in perception of tourism in the destination among the local population and tourists and evaluates the implementation of the Master plan of tourism development of the Town of Novalja up to 2025. The conclusions of performed analyses are the basis for determining constraints and bottlenecks to sustainable tourism development, as well as for drawing up the Action plan aimed at redefining certain activities planned in the Masterplan and also defining new activities aimed specifically at eliminating the bottlenecks of carrying capacity and the Town's sustainable tourism development.