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Economic effects of the existing and newly planned air routes of Croatia Airlines on the tourism of the Republic of Croatia

Research area : Ekonomski učinci turizma

Project manager : Ph.D. Neven Ivandić

Performer :

Implementation period : 2022

Client : Croatia Airlines d.d.


Researchers: Ivo Beroš

The aim of the study is an assessment of the economic effects of Croatia Airlines' (CA) existing air lines during the out of the tourist season period of the year. Based on the established methodological research framework, the document analyzes the seasonal profitability of existing CA lines. The analysis is the basis for assessing the impact of existing CA lines on overall tourist activity in Croatia in the winter period of CA operations (January-March, November-December) in 2019, and then calculating the multiplicative effect of a unit of invested funds on the added value generated by Croatian tourism.