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Sustainable tourism's projects of the EU Strategy for Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR), within the EUSAIR Facility Point Group 3 project – Service of experts for project development in priority 2c.

Research area : Sustainable tourism development

Project manager : Zrinka Marušić mag. math., univ.spec.oec.

Performer :

Implementation period : 2020

Client : Ministry of Tourism and Sport


Researchers: Renata Tomljenović, Hrvoje Mataković

Within the scope of the project two reports were produced - initial on rationale and scope and final report detailing the following: 1) aims and objectives, 2) review/ synthesis of “state of the art” research, policies and recommendations focused on sustainable tourism management, innovation, certification schemes and green travel, 3) expected results, 4) stakeholder mapping and partnership formation, 5) financial framework, 6) identification of EU call most likely to fund the project, 7) feasibility study, and 8) detailed plan of activities through five work packages. The first and the fifth deal with project management and dissemination/visibility of project results respectively. The rest of WPs are: Knowledge alliance and green mapping (WP2), Development of Green travel platform and ICT application (WP3) and Branding and promotion (WP4). In addition, an application form for Interreg ADRION call was completed, ready for submission, with partnership formed and legal documents prepared.