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Survey on attitudes and expenditures of tourists in the City of Omiš in 2023 - TOMAS Omiš 2023

Research area : Tourism market research

Project manager : Zrinka Marušić mag. math., univ.spec.oec.

Performer :

Implementation period : 2023

Client : Town of Omiš Tourist board


Researchers: Ivan Sever, Ivo Beroš

The survey on attitudes and expenditures of tourists in the City of Omiš in 2023 (TOMAS Omiš 2023) is based on the methodological framework of the TOMAS research, the only longitudinal (continuous) survey of travel characteristics of tourists in Croatia conducted by the Institute for Tourism since 1987. TOMAS Omiš 2023 is a primary quantitative survey in which data is collected through personal interviews with tourists using a structured questionnaire as a research instrument. The survey was conducted on a sample of 550 respondents in hotels, camps, and family accommodation. Guests from main emitting markets were included, and the results are presented for guests from Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, other EU countries, and other countries. The survey results are representative of tourist demand in Omiš by the accommodation type and the country of origin of tourists; representativeness was achieved by weighting the research results with eVisitor system data. The main survey results are presented at the city level. In the appendix, in three chapters, comprehensive results of the TOMAS Omiš 2023 survey are presented in tables in Croatian and English, according to the country of origin of tourists, season, and type of accommodation.