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Desired tourism development on the Peljesac peninsula in the context of the Peljesac Bridge construction

Research area : Tourism, territory and traffic

Project manager : Ph.D. Ivo Kunst

Performer :

Implementation period : 2019.

Client : DUNEA - Regionalna razvojna agencija DNŽ


Bearing in mind the extreme sensitivity of the tourism industry to any change in the relevant economic environment, this document sought to objectively and comprehensively assess whether, or to what extent, the construction of the bridge, especially in the context of the expected increase in the intensity of road traffic on Peljesac, will reflect itself on: (i) the desirable model / vision of Pelješac tourism development, (ii) the dynamics of tourist traffic and the prevailing structure of accommodation and other tourist offer, or (iii) various preselected indicators of Pelješac's tourism sustainability.
On the basis of all the analyzes conducted, it was concluded that the construction of the Peljesac Bridge should not, by itself, jeopardize the (desirable) long-term market positioning of the peninsula and its municipalities in the tourism market. Regardless of that, however, the analysis indicated that the future tourism development of Peljesac and its market image could be compromised in the long run if several neuralgic points in the sphere of communal infrastructure are not systematically eliminated.
Furthermore, the analysis brought about the conclusion that the construction of the Peljesac Bridge, due to the increased accessibility of the peninsula especially from the direction of the Neretva Delta and BiH, will result not only in a significant increase in the current level of beach load especially in the Ston and Janjina municipalities, but also in the overall economic and / or tourist traffic not only on the route of the new high-speed Pelješac road, but also on the route of the existing D414 road on the stretch from Brijesta to Orebić. Therefore, these traffic bottlenecks will need to be addressed as quickly as possible.