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Nova Gradiška Water Park - the concept of the best use

Research area : Ekonomski učinci turizma

Project manager : Ph.D. Ivo Kunst

Performer :

Implementation period : 2012.

Client :


Work on the projekct consisted of two interrelated phases. Phase one - "status quo analysis" entailed detailed assessment of the market, as well as relevant market trends of interest for the water park in Nova Gradiška. This phase also included the assessment of the location, verification of the spatial plans, and the availability/adequacy of infrastructure. During the second phase, the proposal of the best utilization     of available space was made, and the faciliteic to be build suggested. Based on that, an operational model for each of the characteristic zones/facilities has been proposed in order to maximize the revenues for the    city of Nova Gradiška, as well as the benefits for its population.