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Strategic Tourism Master plan Vinkovci

Research area : Strategic planning in tourism

Project manager : Ph.D. Snježana Boranić Živoder

Performer :

Implementation period : 2015.

Client :


The study provides an analysis of current situation in whicH are described te spatial and economic charasteristics, the state fo marketing and managmenet activities in the area and the characteristic of tourism supply and demand. Strategic documents of Vinkovci are also analyzed. This is followed by a SWOT analysis. Hallstatt (Austria, Pech (Hungary), Varaždin (Croatia), Limes and prehistoric Alpine on wooden poles are ahown as examples of good practies. Strategy starts from the develpoment goals, defining the vision and tourism products. Concept of space development and tourism product are defined. After  that, communcation activities. Proposed action plan includes 25 project. Separate part of the study is 'Plan for the management of cultural and historical heritage'. Main aim o this dcument is to include Vinkovci at the list of national cultural heritage and candidates Vinkovci on UNESCO list.