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Action plan for golf tourism development

Research area : Strategic planning in tourism

Performer :

Implementation period : 2016.

Client : Ministry of Tourism


Researchers: Siniša Horak, Zrinka Marušić

In order to identify the obstacles for development of golf and golf tourism in Croatia, and in order to propose measures and activities to successfully remove those obstacles, a series of in-depth interviews with the representatives of different stakeholders (institutions and individuals) has been conducted (altogether more than 30 institutions and 60 people). In addition, three strategic regional workshops (in Zagreb, Zadar and Pula) were organized. Desk research was conducted in order to analyze: (i) golf tourism and golf supply in competitor countries, (ii) supply and demand trends, and (iii) the existing golf supply in Croatia. SWOT analysis was undertaken based on the results, and a vision of Croatia as a new golf destination was set. Seven measures that can accelerate the implementation of the strategy regarding golf/golf course development were defined. For each measure, a short explanation/rationale, a list of proposed activities, main stakeholders involved in the implementation, sources of financing the measure/program and a priority of implementation were given. Following special measures for development of golf tourism were defined: 1. Public awareness campaign in order to inform the overall public on characteristics of golf as a sport and an impact of golf tourism; 2. State support for the development of golf courses; 3. Education of administrative staff in state and local bodies on the impacts of golf and golf tourism; 4. Study on long-term development of golf tourism in Croatia; 5. Education for the needs of golf; 6. Information base improvement; 7. Marketing of golf tourism.