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Branding the City of Vinkovci as a desirable tourist destination

Research area : Destination marketing and branding

Project manager : Ph.D. Snježana Boranić Živoder

Performer :

Implementation period : 2017.

Client :


The project is started with an analysis of existing marketing activities in the destination. Two primary studies were conducted.  The survey of perceptions of the inhabitants of Zagreb about Vinkovci as a tourist destination (n = 400) showed that Vinkovci mostly associate with Vinkovci autumn, Slavonia and NK Cibalia. They would be motivated to go to Vinkovci for a gastronomic experience of Slavonian cuisine, a tour of Slavonia which includes Vinkovci, as well as cultural and entertainment events. The representation of Vinkovci in on-line media is, for the moment, extremely modest. Workshops with stakeholders in the destination have shown their tendency towards historical legacy as the main component for future branding. The brand concept is based on the continuity of 8,000 years of life in the city and on the rich culture of life and work. Additionally, the study developed a promotion strategy that encompassed promotional activities for the market and internal public and promotional materials. At the end of the study, it was an action plan in which the necessary activities for the implementation of the project.