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Provision of feasibility assessment services for sustainable tourism management in Montenegro within the GEF ADRIATIC project

Research area : Sustainable tourism development

Project manager : Ph.D. Zoran Klarić

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Implementation period :

Client : The Priority Actions Programme/Regional Activity Centre (PAP/RAC)


The feasibility assessment for sustainable tourism development in Montenegro consists of three parts. The first part includes introductory considerations, the approach to drafting the document, the objectives of the feasibility assessment, the concept of sustainable tourism management according to PAP-RAC methodologies and the starting point for sustainable tourism management in the Montenegrin coastal area. The second part focuses on the main limiting factors for the future development of tourism in the coastal part of Montenegro, which includes the basic features of current changes, problems related to increasing tourist flows, increasing pressure on beaches and transport and communal infrastructure. The third part includes assessing the current state of the carrying capacity of the Montenegrin coastal area, pointing out changes in world tourism affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and provides general recommendations for future tourism development in accordance with new circumstances for the Montenegrin coast as a whole and by individual municipalities with special reference to the cruising regime in the Bay of Kotor.