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DATOURWAY: 1. Work package (WP) 3 – Analiza 2. Work package (WP) 4 – Strategija 3. Work package (WP) 5 – Pilot projekt 2 „Beda Karapancsa“

Research area : Development of research methods

Project manager : Ph.D. Zoran Klarić

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GDi GISdata

Institut za turizam

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The document National Study – Croatia is developed for the purpose of the analysis of the current state of the Croatian Danube area, within the transnational project Transnational Strategy for the Sustainable Territorial Development of the Danube Area with a Focus on Tourism ( DATOURWAY), within the Programme IPA SEE 2008. Document consists of nine chapters as follows:  Identification of factors influencing tourism development of the target area and the analysis of development trends and options; Croatian Danube area; Social resources; natural and environmental characteristics; Economic characteristics of the area; Infrastructure; Development projects in the Danube area; Conflict areas and SWOT analysis. Document is supplied by appendices providing detailed overview of selected data and information on certain issues.                   
Pilot project 2 includes the document The development of sustainable tourism in the Kopački rit and the surrounding area as a part of the Transnational Strategy for the Sustainable Territorial Development of the Danube Area with a Focus on Tourism (DATOURWAY), within the Programme IPA SEE 2008. The purpose of the document is survey of the possibilities of sustainable tourism development in the town of Osijek and the municipalities of Draž, Kneževi Vinogradi, Bilje and Erdut., with special regard for Natura 2000 sites and protected areas. The plan includes proposals for development programs and projects, as well as development and promotion of an integrated touristic offer in the area around Kopački Rit. The document consists of the Introduction and two large chapters The utilisation of tourism resources and Exploration of the state of tourism. The first chapter includes subchapters The general features of the development environment of tourism, Social background, Natural and environmental factors. Infrastructure.  Spatial structure and Economy. The second chapter includes subchapters The supply of tourism, The conditions of guest catering. The demand of tourism. Target areas of tourism, Spatial actors and Overall statements influencing the development of tourism

Godina završetka: 2012.