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Tourism Master Plan of the City of Novalja: strategic destination plan until 2025.

Research area : Strategic planning in tourism

Project manager : Ph.D. Ivo Kunst

Performer :

Implementation period : 2014.

Client :


Town of Novalja is currently one of the most recognizable and, measured in terms of tourism overnights, one of the most succesful Croatian tourism destinations. At the same time, extremely fast pace of tourism development, driven mostly by party tourism, has not taken advantage of possibilities for a balanced approach which would have resulted in a diversified set of complementary tourism products. Based on Novalja's available tourism resources and attractions, respecting the opinions and goals of the local population and with a view of market trends, Novalja Tourism Masterplan evaluates possible tourism development scenarios, proposes a development vision, goals and concept, as well as specifying development projects through which the Masterplan can be operationalized. As such, Novalja Tourism Masterplan is a key document for an effective, responsible and sustainable tourism development of the town of Novalja.