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Consultancy and support in the organization and implementation of a high-level thematic event in the field of coastal and maritime tourism of the PANORAMED project

Research area : Other areas

Project manager : Ph.D. Hrvoje Carić

Performer :

Implementation period : 2021

Client : Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds


Researchers: Sanda Čorak

Conference topics in this area should include the obstacles and opportunities of tourism data gathering, big data and its application, and methods, tools and systems of measuring and monitoring tourism sustainability, as first prerequisite of good governance.  The conference should result in agreement of all Med countries for definition, gathering and implementation of the set of tourism sustainable indicators that should serve for prompt decision making of majority of stakeholders with the main goal of avoiding the overtourism problems and at the same time reduce seasonality, as one of the most obvious tourism development problems. Monitoring the implementation of such an agreement can be a task of the PANORAMED partners or Med countries can agree on establishing a new organization.
PANORAMED aims to generate a shift towards transnational governance models and policies with the aim of creating a region of sustainable tourism. Therefore, the event is the opportunity to discuss:
Potential PANORAMED-a as a tool for establishing and strengthening a common framework for transnational tourism governance.
What are next steps for formalization, implementation and monitoring of tourism governance on Mediterranean?
How to provide support for common approaches in policy development and strategic planning at transnational level? 
Disclosing phases, tasks and activities in implementation of the recommendations of the Key Policy Paper’s Better Governance for Smarter Tourism. 
Integration of positive policies and strategic dynamic processes with other EU regions and bodies through the approach of policy-expert cohesion.
Discuss potential coordination with the EC priorities (Green Deal, etc.), EP initiatives (tourism strategy, overtourism, etc.) and other relevant European documents that discuss sustainable tourism. 
Fostering cooperation and continued involvement and connectivity of diverse stakeholders, with the help of experts in the field of tourism and strategic planning.