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Tourist development strategy of Zagreb county

Research area : Strategic planning in tourism

Project manager : Ph.D. Snježana Boranić Živoder

Performer :

Implementation period : 2016.

Client :


The first part consist of analysis of the current situation in which is described as follows: geographical and economic characteristics, ecological characteristic, the analysis of tourist demand and supply, main tourism resources and destination marketing and management. Then follows tourism trends and SWOT matrix. The Strategy contains the vision and the goals of tourism development. Space of the county is divided into three parts: the western part (Zaprešić, Samobor, Žumberak, Krašić, Jastrebarsko and sourrindgs) where is the main theme hedonism, the central part (city of Velika Gorica adn surroundings) of which has a theme of business tourism and, finally, eastern part of county that sums up the  theme of healthy living and the countryside. As a key association to the County highlighted the following: 'dountryside', 'fine', 'relaxted' and 'active'. The last part of the study contans a description of the 30 project in three areas: destination management, value chain and market recognition.