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Survey on attitudes and expenditures of nautical tourists in Croatia in 2022 - TOMAS Nautica 2022

Research area : Tourism market research

Project manager : Zrinka Marušić mag. math., univ.spec.oec.

Performer :

Implementation period : 2023

Client : Croatian National Tourist Board


Researchers: Ivo Beroš, Ivan Sever

The TOMAS Nautica (full name "Attitudes and expenditures of yachtsmen in Croatia") is a longitudinal survey on characteristics of nautical tourism demand in Croatia that was conducted five times until 2022 (in 2001, 2004, 2007, 2012 and 2017). Previous TOMAS Nautica research covered exclusively the characteristics of the yachting tourism demand. In 2022, the research also covered the tourism demand (passengers) on domestic small cruise ships that cruise exclusively in the coastal waters of the Republic of Croatia. 
TOMAS Nautica 2022 is primary research. Data is collected directly from the nautical tourists. The survey methods, based on general methods of TOMAS surveys, are specifically adjusted for the segment of nautical tourism demand. The survey methods are a prerequisite of obtaining reliable and representative assessment of nautical demand characteristics in Croatia.
The survey instrument was a structured questionnaire. Method of data collection was computer aided personal interview (CAPI). Two samples were used: (1) a stratified random sample was used in the yachting segment with strata defined by county, vessel’s ownership, month, and country of origin of yachtsmen, and (2) a systematic quota sample was used for the passengers on domestic cruise ships: data is collected in 10 ports along the coast and on the islands. The total sample size for the yachting segment was 2,508 respondents while sample size in the domestic cruise segment was 502 respondents. Data is collected in 32 marinas and 10 ports from June to October 2022.
The survey findings are published by the Institute for Tourism in a printed book with the same name. Besides the research methods, main results and major changes compared to 2017 survey, all 2022 survey results are presented in tables (in Croatian and English), separately for the yachting and cruising segment. Results for the yachting segment are presented by the vessel ownership (Croatian charter and yachtsmen on other vessels), country of origin (separately for Croatian charter and yachtsmen on other vessels) and by the length of vessel. Results for the cruising segment are presented by country of passenger’s origin.