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Action Plan for the Development of Business Tourism in Split-Dalmatia County

Research area : Strategic planning in tourism

Project manager : Ph.D. Sanda Čorak

Performer :

Implementation period : 2020

Client : Split – Dalmatia County Tourist Board


Researchers: Snježana Boranić Živoder, Sara Melkić

For the need of the project all advantages and disadvantages for development of business tourism in Split-Dalmatia County were analyzed according to factors of destination attractiveness, congres capacity availability, technical equipment along with hotel capacities. Detected advantages need to be used with greater promotion intensity, while disadvantages need to me minimized and continuously solved. The most important weaknesses of the County are: congress office that is missing along with the congress centre that can accomodate congressies with more than 500 participants. Research pointed out also inssuficient promotion of destinations for busienss tourism and small number of 4 and 5 star hotels.