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Strategy Marketing Plan of Ston and Mali Ston as a tourist destination for the period 2017 - 2022.

Research area : Strategic planning in tourism

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Implementation period : 2017.

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Researchers: Snježana Boranić Živoder, Damir Krešić, Katarina Miličević, Renata Tomljenović

The Strategic Marketing Plan of Ston and Mali Ston is an integral part of the integrated EU funded project "Povijest na zrnu soli". The project defines the development of new and innovative tourism products, and it is aimed at the renewed and newly established tourism offer in Ston and Mali Ston, based on a rich cultural and historical heritage, whose revitalization is the main goal of the project "Povijest na zrnu soli" - which, at the same time, represents the basis for the development of the basic tourism products in the Ston area. In addition, the project also defines the development of an additional and expanded tourism product that will, in its characteristics, be complementary to the basic tourism product and will complement and enrich the tourism offer of the destination. Finally, the project defines promotional activities that are aimed to raise the overall level of visibility, recognizability and desirability of Ston as an important tourism destination, primarily cultural and eno-gastronomic tourism. The document is in line with the higher level strategic documents, primarily with the Peljesac Tourism Development Plan, which clearly outlines the starting point for the Strategic Marketing Plan of Ston and Little Ston.