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Study on Integrated Quality Management in Tourism in MeđimurjeCounty

Research area : Strategic planning in tourism

Project manager : Mr. sc. Neda Telišman-Košuta

Performer :

Implementation period : 2021

Client : Međimurje County


Researchers: Neven Ivandić, Zrinka Marušić, Ivo Beroš

Based on the methodology of Integrated quality management in tourism, the project introduces elements of tourism quality management to Međimurje County. In this sense, the project encompasses setting up metodologies and conducting various evaluation activities including monitoring the implementation of the County's strategic documents in tourism, perceptions of tourism quality and state of the tourism information system. The project's deliverables included following reports: (1) Evaluation of the implementation of Međimurje County strategic documents in tourism: Tourism development strategy of Međimurje County up to 2020; Strategic tourism marketing plan of Međimurje County 2014-2020  (2) Peception of local stakeholders in tourism of quality of tourism offer in Međimurje County - 2021; (3) Attitutes and expenditures of tourists in Croatia - TOMAS 2020: Characteristics of tourism demand in Međimurje County; (4) Attitudes of local population about tourism in Međimurje County - 2021; (5) Methodological framework for the Tourism information system of Međimurje County; (6) Special report: Image project Goričan. The project further encompassed two workshops with the local stakeholders during which the Goričan project was discussed and the entire study was susequently presented. The Annual tourism quality report - 2021 and the Destination quality plan in tourism 2021-2027 were also delivered.