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Survey on attitudes and consumption of tourists and one-day visitors in Dubrovnik - TOMAS Dubrovnik 2018

Research area : Tourism market research

Project manager : Zrinka Marušić mag. math., univ.spec.oec.

Performer :

Implementation period : 2019.

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Survey on attitudes and consumption of tourists and one-day visitors in Dubrovnik - TOMAS Dubrovnik 2018 is the first comprehensive research focused solely on the tourism demand of the city of Dubrovnik. Considering the characteristics of Dubrovnik's tourist demand and the availability of the existing data, the research was focused on two main segments of Dubrovnik tourism demand: (i) tourists in commercial accommodation facilities (hotels and family accommodation) and (ii) one-day visitors from international and domestic cruise ships). TOMAS Dubrovnik 2018 is a quantitative survey that was conducted on a sample of 1,587 respondents (672 in hotels, 390 in family accommodation, 435 visitors from international and 90 from domestic cruise ships). The data were collected by personal interview (CAPI), from August to October 2018.
The survey results point to the profile and attitudes of tourists and visitors of Dubrovnik regarding the most important elements of tourist offer and their consumption during the stay in Dubrovnik. The results are presented according to the type of tourist accommodation - for hotel guests and guests in family accommodation, according to the country of permanent residence for the main hotel and family accommodation markets. The results on the cruise ship visitors are presented separately for international and domestic cruises, according to major markets.
TOMAS Dubrovnik 2018 provides inputs for strategic planning documents of tourism development in Dubrovnik (strategies, marketing plans, visitor management plans), research results are basis for benchmarking and comparative analysis of tourist demand, for tourism product and promotion improvement, and, also, for monitoring the effectiveness of marketing activities. Finally, the research results are the basis for monitoring the impact of tourism activity in Dubrovnik on the city’s economy (within the framework of Tourism Satellite Account methodology framework), environment and society.