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Action plan for tourism events development in the County of Split - Dalmatia

Research area : Strategic planning in tourism

Project manager : Ph.D. Renata Tomljenović

Performer :

Implementation period : 2020

Client : Split – Dalmatia County Tourist Board


Researchers: Diana Baus, Ivo Beroš

The new approach to tourism events is based on a portfolio with a balanced ratio of cultural and sports events, a clear link between events and the destination tourism development plan, better promotion of the tourism products through events. It is focused on participant based events , rather than spectator base events, and those that take place in the pre and post-season. The plan envisages that the Tourist Board of SDŽ will take on the role of coordinator who will network stakeholders, raise the level of knowledge about the logic of event tourism and develop the necessary skills in the system of tourist boards, local governments and event organizers. With a redefined portfolio including thematic and time harmonization of events, a redefined support program and a systematic, quality evaluation, it sets the framework that local tourist boards should follow. Ultimately, through a systematic approach to the portfolio, the SDŽ Tourist Board will be in a better position to promote the county through events and encourage organizers to promote the county and appropriate tourist products through events.