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CROSTO: development, measurement and monitoring of regional tourism sustainability indicators

Research area : Sustainable tourism development

Project manager : Ph.D. Izidora Marković Vukadin

Performer :

Implementation period : od 2018.

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As part of this document measuring the sustainability of tourism for the NUTS 2 region Adriatic Croatia for the 2017 was conducted . It is intended, however, to encourage local governments and tourist community in the implementation of ETIS indicators, and monitoring of sustainable tourism development at the local / destination level. A set of 15 basic indicators was determinated and based on them  the sustainability of tourism development is measured.  Along with 15 basic indicators, each destination can measure additional indicators, depending on the need and the specificity of the tourist product of the destination. Accordingly, this document defines guidelines for:
• determining a common methodology for measuring indicators,
• Institutional stakeholder organization through local working groups and
• raise public awareness of the importance of measurement.