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Master plan for the development of tourism in Vlašić for the area of the municipality Travnik

Research area : Strategic planning in tourism

Project manager : Katarina Miličević

Performer :

Implementation period : 2013.

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Master plan of tourist development of Vlašić mountain resort and municipality of Travnik in the part produced by the Institute of tourism is consisted of three large chapters: Situation analysis, Business strategy of tourism development, Implementation guidelines, and Conclusions. Situation analysis contains 11 subchapters including identification of main interest groups, elaboration of properties, investigation of local and regional potentials and analysis of all main aspects of tourism development of Vlašić and the municipality of Travnik. That includes the analysis of social and economic information, local and regional tourism statistics, the existing documentation regarding tourism development of Central Bosnia canton, municipality of Travnik and Vlašić, as well as the analysis of competitive tourism products and international tourism trends relevant for Vlašić and the municipality of Travnik. Business strategy of tourism development includes definition of the development vision and the positioning of Vlašić and the municipality of Travnik, the development of tourism products, competitiveness development, main markets, communication activities and detailed financial plan of Vlašić ski center. Implementation guidelines includes detailed elaboration of projects related to advancement of destination experience, organization, education, advancement of communication and development of relevant tourism products. At the end is elaborated the model of destination management, conclusions and recommendations.