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Tourism Development Strategy for the city of Nin

Research area : Strategic planning in tourism

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Implementation period : 2013.

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Researchers: Snježana Boranić Živoder, Sanda Čorak, Renata Tomljenović

Based on an analysis of the current situation, a current situation, a review of relevant marketing trends and benchmark analysis Strategy for tourism development of Nin is performed. Nin is interesting tourist destination for several reasons. First, it is characterized by rich cultural and historical heritage, proved by numerous preserved monuments as well as intangible heritage. Secondly, surrounded by very interesting, specific and somewhat unusual natural environment in which to emphasize the long, sandy beaches which are rare on the Adriatic coast. Finally, a competitive advantage Nin can build on, widely known, Nin salt factory which testifies to the culture of life and work in this area. As a contribution to the study, research was carried out within the local community on the topic of brand. Research has shown that local population find that Nin is 'ideal destination for families with children "," salt city "," city in the sandy lagoon', 'blend of culture and unusual nature' and 'the city where one learns to Croatian history’. During the last ten years a lot of effort are invested in numerous infrastructure projects that raise the quality of life of its residents and the quality of the tourist experiences. In the coming period projects will be intensified aiming to create an innovative tourist products that will additionally highlight uniqueness of Nin.