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Evaluation of the bids for the development of the first phase of the Master Plan for the transport system of the City of Zagreb, Zagreb County and Krapina-Zagorje County (analysis of the current situation and development of the traffic model) - final report

Research area : Tourism, territory and traffic

Performer :

Implementation period : 2015.

Client : City of Zagreb


Researchers: Goran Kos, Davor Krasić, Dubravko Milojević

Zagreb has selected experts and scientists of the Institute of Tourism to carry out evaluation of the professional part of the proposals for the project Master plan for development of the transport system of the City of Zagreb, Zagreb County and Krapina - Zagorje County. The evaluation process bids (evaluation / scoring), which has developed and implemented a team of evaluators Tourism Institute was conducted in seven steps:
1. Clarification and harmonization of the meaning of criteria for scoring,
2. Preparation of Excel tables for the calculation of scoring (in accordance with the tender documents)
3. The first single review of the offer by each evaluator (without scoring)
4. Meeting evaluator and exchange opinions on important elements of tenders,
5. A detailed review of individual offer with independent scoring by each evaluator,
6. Meetings of the aim of harmonizing the differences in scoring,
7. Finally scoring all the elements of each bid.