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Strategic Tourism Development Plan of Kvarner with the Strategic and Operational Marketing Plans for Period 2016-2020

Research area : Strategic planning in tourism

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Implementation period : 2016.

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Based on an extensive analysis of the internal and external environments (completed by the FMTU, Opatija), the structure of the Strategic Tourism Development Plan encompasses development scenarios, principles, vision and goals followed by operational strategies, action plan and a projection of economic effects of tourism expected by 2020. The Strategy formulates a vision of Kvarner 2020 as a globally competitive, year-round, emotionally fulfilling and inspirational tourism destination and it sets forth 10 operational development strategies including 62 measures. The Strategy further includes eight 'image' projects each considered to have the potential of contributing to repositioning Kvarner as a tourism destination: 1) Touristification of 'Rijeka - European Capital of Culture 2020', 2) Development of theme park Voz-Peškera, 3) Network of in-situ presented heritage linked with thematic tourism routes, 4) Kvarner Congress Center, 5) Golf Lošinj - Punta Križa, 6) Dolphin park, 7) Kvarner - Health destination, 8) Kvarner Green Belt - Touristification of Nature park Učka - Platak - Risnjak National Park - Kupa river valley. The strategic marketing component of the project proposes evolving the image of Kvarner by extending its brand toward 'good emotions' concept, diversifying the region's target market segments and its tourism products. The Operational market plan anticipates, among other things, the implementation of new creative content in promotional materials, greater emphasis on target marketing, a stronger orientation toward on-line marketing and the development of destination sales and information systems.