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Provision of advisory services for work on the activities of linking the food processing and tourism sectors through the establishment of local production systems and territorial branding of the Republic of Croatia as a recognizable gourmet destination

Research area : Strategic planning in tourism

Project manager : Institut za razvoj i međunarodne odnose, Institut za turizam WYG savjetovanje,

Performer :

Implementation period : 2019.

Client : Ministarstvo gospodarstva, poduzetništva i obrta RH


The growing interest in food and 'everything about food' is a reflection of the profound social changes we are witnessing today. The entry into the age of the 'experience economy' when 'doing and experiencing' becomes equally important or more important than 'having' generates interest in buying experiences, whereby food, as a cultural and experiential category, becomes one of the important points of interest. Understanding the fact that gourmet offer in Croatia is not sufficiently developed, but also that Croatia has market potential for further growth, the project first analyses of the state of the offer in Croatia and, second, identifies best practice trends in the field of gourmet offer at EU and global level, finally identifying Croatia's potential. Based on the conclusions of the situation analysis, in the second step of the project, a strategic framework and guidelines were established for defining gourmet destinations in the Republic of Croatia and developing gourmet products by tourist destinations, with the establishment of two pilot gourmet destinations. The third part of the project focused on defining the key determinants of branding gourmet destinations and gourmet products and promoting the Republic of Croatia as a gourmet tourist destination. The project was concluded by establishing a framework for encouraging excellence in the gourmet offer of the Republic of Croatia and ensuring information and visibility of the project.