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EUSAIR thematic steering group for pillar 4 sustainable tourism: desk research report on stakeholder analysis and inventory of tourism resources

Research area : Sustainable tourism development

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Implementation period : 2019.

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Researchers: Hrvoje Carić, Peter Mackelworth, Zrinka Marušić

The methodology used in this work included an assessment survey, desk research, stakeholder analysis and the assessment of the available resources in relation to the above bullet points within the EUSAIR context. Based on feedback from the TSG4 the ‘Monitoring and Evaluation Questionnaire’ was designed and distributed to the members. By December 20th 2018, feedback was received from seven out of the eight countries. Italy was not able to submit the answers as initially planned and is hoping to do so by June 2019.
Document presents the findings of the survey and the overview of the relevant programmes, projects, and institutions that were considered to have existing or potential correlations with the aims of the EUSAIR TSG4. Finally, this document presents a synthesis of findings from the study and reflects upon both the gaps and potential future activities required to clarify the current and future status of sustainable tourism in the EUSAIR.