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The operational plan for the cyclotourism development of the Krapina-zagorje County

Research area : Destination marketing and branding

Project manager : Ph.D. Zoran Klarić

Performer :

Implementation period : 2017.

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The operational plan for the cyclotourism development of the Krapina-zagorje County  is a basic document for the development of  cyclotourism in the Krapina-zagorje County. Its production was initiated by the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia, because on the basis of pre-drafted planning documents it was determined that cyclotourism is a form of tourist activity with a big development perspective for in tourism terms the insufficiently developed areas of ​​continental Croatia. The Operational Plan is based on the mandatory elements of the operational plans for cyclotourism development in ​​continental counties of Croatia defined by the Ministry of Tourism and thus contains a Review on the Action Plan of the Cyclotourism Development of the Republic of Croatia from 2015 with a description of the achievements of the plan in the Krapina-zagorje County, an analysis of the existing cyclotourism situation, SWOT analysis, vision for future development, standards for the development of cyclotouristic infrastructure, and, as the most important part, a description of the measures and development projects at the operational level. Among them, the most important are infrastructure projects that include route planning and marking in the field the priority cycling routes that will be recognizable and attractive so that tourists should come and stay in the Krapina-zagorje County. The most important cycling routes, presented in cartographic form and in the form of GPX records, are the State Route D-6 'Zagorje' 'North-South', the State Connection route West-East "Spa Route" and Circle County route. As special measures related to the development of cyclotouristic infrastructure is proposed further development of local routes and facilities for mountain bikers, and among other recommendations the certification of accommodation and catering facilities for cyclotourism, the development of information and interpretative facilites and the education of certified cycling guides. In order to ensure the implementation of the Plan, it is proposed to set up an operational body responsible for the implementation of the planned measures, for which the project also contains an implementation plan with deadlines.