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REWARD - Retaining and attracting knowledge workers and skills for regional development

Research area : Strategic planning in tourism

Project manager : Renata TOMLJENOVIĆ

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Implementation period : 04/2024 - 03/2027

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The project is funded by INTERREG EUROPE - an interregional cooperation programme, co-funded by the European Union. Project partners are from seven European regions: South Savo (Finland), Medio Tejo (Portugal), Sardinia (Italy), Trnava (Slovakia), Mazowia (Poland) and Pardubice (Czech Republic).

Its overall objective is to improve regional policies and programs for retaining and attracting knowledge workers and skills for regional development. Project will identify, analyse, disseminate, and transfer good practices among regional policy actors in four complementary areas related to the retention and attraction of highly skilled people. The specific objectives are thus to:

·         Improve the effectiveness of university – industry collaboration as a means of retaining graduates.

·         Support entrepreneurship and increase business support to create new jobs.

·         Improve interventions that enhance the quality of life and foster regional attractiveness.

Adapt to new forms of work (i.e. digital nomads, remote work).

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