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St. Nicholas fortress heritage management and communication plan

Research area : Strategic planning in tourism

Performer :

Implementation period : 2019.

Client : Javna ustanova za upravljanje zaštićenim područjima I drugim zaštićenim dijelovima prirode Šibensko-kninske županije - Priroda, Šibenik


Researchers: Snježana Boranić Živoder, Renata Tomljenović

The project was implemented in three stages. After the evaluation of the cultural property - its status, significance, value and consideration of the management problems, a strategy (vision, mission and areas of intervention) was devised in the second stage and, in the third, an action plan was defined. The drafting of the plan was based on a consultation process with key stakeholders through focus groups, in-depth interviews and a survey, and the process was overseen by an expert panel. The main objective is the sustainable management of the fort and the buffer zone, operationalized through six specific objectives aimed at building management capacity, protecting and enhancing universal values, developing visitor facilities in the buffer zone, sustainable use, improving knowledge of the importance and value of the fort and networking with other UNESCO sites. The action plan, the method of its implementation, sources of funding and monitoring have been defined. The communication plan included positioning the fortress, identifying target groups, promotional materials, and communication measures and activities. A leaflet containing the summary of the management plan for public has been produced.