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Marketing plan for sustainable development of river cruising on the Danube in Croatia - promotional activities

Research area : Destination marketing and branding

Project manager : Mr. sc. Neda Telišman-Košuta

Performer :

Implementation period : 2015.

Client :


In order to stimulate further growth of river cruising on the Croatian segment of the Danube, Vukovar Port Authority initiated the drawing up of a Marketing plan which would set up a strategic communication framework and define information and promotion activities of Croatian stakeholders to be directed toward river cruise touroperators, the media, as well as the local community. Taking into account the characteristics and interests of these target groups, the promotional strategy encompasses public relations, Internet marketing and direct marketing with the aim of ensuring higher recognizability and interest for the Croatian Danube route, including Croatia in more existing or new itineraries and raising the level of understanding of the river cruising product within the local communities.