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Attitudes and Expenditures of Tourists in Croatia: TOMAS Summer 2014

Research area : Tourism market research

Project manager : Zrinka Marušić mag. math., univ.spec.oec.

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Implementation period : 2015.

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Survey on attitudes and expenditures of tourists in Croatia in Summer 2014 (TOMAS Summer) is the only longitudinal research on various characteristics of tourists in Croatia, conducted for the ninth time since 1987 by the Institute for Tourism.
The survey was conducted during four summer months in 80 destinations across seven coastal counties. The obtained sample size was 4035 domestic and foreign tourists staying in hotels, camp sites and households (private accommodation, i.e. rented rooms, apartments, houses). Method of data collection was personal interview with the use of a questionnaire as a research instrument.
Stratified random sample was used and the results were weighted by 2014 data on tourists overnights. The survey results are representative by type of accommodation and country of origin on a county level.
The survey content included trip characteristics, characteristics of a stay in destination, tourism consumption, attitudes on different elements of tourism supply, competitiveness of Croatian summer tourism 'product' in comparison to other Mediterranean destinations and sociodemographic profile.
The survey results are published in a book by the Institute for Tourism.  Survey results by county, type of accommodation facility, country of origin and season are presented in tables in the Appendix, in Croatian and English.